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Scripting updates to AWS Route 53 Hosted Zone entries using CLI

In this post I describe how to use the Amazon Command Line Interface (CLI) to update Route 53 Hosted Zone entries. When you shutdown and start up an AWS instance it will be assigned a new IP address. Unless you're using an Elastic Load Balancer this could mean that your Hosted Zone is pointing to an old address. Luckily there's an easy way to script an update to Route 53 and point your Hosted Zone to the new IP address.

Using Drupal as a Document Repository

Can you use Drupal as a document repository? There's no reason why not and in fact it has many benefits. This post describes a recent project I've been working on to build a Document Repository for a Local Authority.

Like adverts and sidebars could page content adapt to match the reader?

For a long time web designers and content authors have been able to change the content of a page depending on who's viewing it but this is normally restricted to adverts and sidebars. Soon we could see that actual page contents adapting to suit the reader as well.

Agile is everywhere

Many people in the Public Sector and other large organisation are using Agile and using it very successfully. But organisations and especially Agencies get clouded into thinking that Agile is not just the default way to deliver projects but the only way. The use of Agile needs to be evaulated for each project and each stage in a project. This post describes how we're using a mixed approach starting off with traditional delivery and moving to Agile.

ECM is a often a hinderance to Digital Transformation - AIIM Forum London 2016

I was lucky enough to attend the AIIM Forum London this week. In many ways though it felt like the ECM market hasn’t really changed over the last few years. But is ECM actually holding back Digital Transformation?


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